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The desperate struggle of man versus pizza dracula. The story contained within these pages is not for the faint of tummy, and though you may quake with fear and your very gut might burst at the pulse-quickening horrors it reveals, the story must be told. It is a spine-tingling fright fest of extra large proportions topped with delightful characters, a sprinkling of fierce monsters, and a titular vampire villain. This is pizza-related entertainment Supreme.

Pizzula is the heroic story of man versus Pizza Dracula! Written as a short story with accompanying illustrations, pizzula is a handsome volume everyone should own. if you enjoy horror, pizza, and fun this is the book for you!

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While you wait, after you read it or let's both read it together. Please enjoy this audio book. As read by the author in an amateur attempt. Listen to it in your car on your commute or if you are brave enough while jogging at dusk

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